Things Forgotten

Things Forgotten

The photo is off of Google and Kendra LaLonde put the thing together. The only thing I own is the title. I do not intend on using this for marketing purposes.

After being caught in a violent street fight, famous ballet dancer, Katia Monroe is in a coma no one expects her to wake from.

Preacher’s son, Adam Wallace, is walking the halls of a hospital when he realizes that there’s a panic-struck young woman in hospital room 12B, the room of the “dead” girl.

Katia doesn’t remember anything, and all the stories seem false. Even her name sounds wrong to her own ears. The only thing she seems to remember is the nearly tangible faith she has had for the better part of her life.
Adam has grown up in church, but none of it has seemed real until now. Adam has been closely watching Katia who doesn’t just talk about God; God shines through her. Even with her extraordinary faith, Adam notices a war brewing inside of Katia. She has a secret. But the worst part of it is that her mind won’t even share it with herself.
Katia moves into a big house that she can spend most of her time remolding. She has watched videos of herself dancing, at interviews, with friends, so the stories must be true. A silent defeat hits Katia, but then the neighbors come back from a business trip, a middle aged man, and his young daughter, Sarah. Katia is horrified by the screaming and crying she hears from that house each night, and as Sarah’s life falls apart before Katia’s eyes, she is faced with a decision: face the memories and save Sarah’s life or live in denial and let Sarah meet the same fate she almost had years ago as Lisa Tillings.


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