This Blog….

Here you can find my beliefs. Sorry if some of them are offensive, but I won’t back down on these matters.

*I believe in the One True God.
*I believe that God is a trinity.
*I believe that Jesus Christ is the one way to Heaven.
*I believe that abortion is EXTREMELY wrong.
*I also believe that homosexuelality is extremely wrong.
*I believe in set-apart feminininity.
* I believe that every word of the Bible is true.
*I believe in keeping purity until marraige.
*I believe that God is perfect.
*I believe that God is all-forgiving.

Comments are welcome. Disagreement is welcome. But remember that every one has there own opinions, so rudeness isn’t welcome.


4 thoughts on “This Blog….

  1. WHOOHOO! I agree totally, with all of this! :) So glad to know you are a Christian (and that you’re not afraid to SHOW IT!)

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