How Writer’s Work Part 2

Last time when I did a post like this, I talked about how writers may add parts of themselves to characters, but how we are NOT our characters. This time I’m going to talk about how we need our space.

From what I’ve noticed, most writers are introverts or a mixture of introvert and extrovert. I have never met a extrovert writer.

From those of you who don’t know, here are the basic definitions:

Introvert- someone who gets energy from themselves, talks only when they really have something to say, thinks over things to a great extent, enjoys being alone, likes being with friends for a set amount of time

Extrovert- someone who gets energy from being with other people, talks all the time, doesn’t really have to absorb information, enjoys being around other people all the time, with no breaks

I’m a total introvert, except for the fact that I talk. A lot. If you know me, or have Skyped me before, you know that I talk none stop. For everything that you say, I’ll probably say three times as much. But I have to be alone as much as I’m with people, or I kind of, honestly, freak out. But even that is only true to some extent. I rarely tire of family (well my parents at least ;] ), and I do have a very few friends that I can easily spend a week with.

Most introverts are like that, so don’t be offended if they say no, or think of a very poor excuse, when you invite them over. Introverts will do this with anyone, even their closest friends. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like you or don’t want to be friends anymore. It means that we need some time alone.

So how does this apply to writers? I think introvertial writers can be worse in some ways, because writers value their characters equally as much as they do people. For you none-writers out there, that probably sounds insane. But think about it. We follow our characters through every single step of the story, and since we are writing it, we feel what they do. No, we do not think our characters are real [although writers will frequently joke about that], but we love our characters, which comes down to some simple things.

We need to write. We need to think. [For outliners] we need to outline. We need to edit. We need to think about what to do with our novels.

So don’t be offended if we say we need to write, so we can’t come over, go to lunch, or whatever.

We spend years on writing and perfecting our novels, so yes, we are going to want to work on that.

So before I leave, let me leave you with a list:

What to do when encountering an introvert writer:

1.) Say hi, but let them continue the conversation. If they really want to talk to you, they will keep it going.
2.) Be understanding if they say.
3.) If they say no, say, “Maybe some other time.” But don’t try to set another date. This will stress out your introvert/writer friend.
4.) Ask them how their book is going. And believe me, that’s the best way to word that question. Don’t try another way.
5.) Try something that won’t take all day. Lunch, a movie night, a ball game, walk in the park, and occasionally a sleepover.

And remember. That even though we are introverts, we love our friends!:)

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


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The Thank You Post

NOTE: the remainder of the interviews will be posted in July when I get back from vacation.

Hello! Just in case you don’t remember me after all of these awesome itnerviews, my name is Natalie Noel. Now that we have this cleared up, I want to tell you a story. A story about a lady who I haven’t met before and will probably never see again, but I think this story just proves that there are still awesome people in the world.

So this story technically starts yesterday. I began working out. And today it hurts so bad to walk that I’ve retired to my bedroom possibly for the rest of the day and it’s only 6. This is coming from a fairly active person who spends half of her time outside and the other half procrasinating on stuff that actually matters.

My mom and I were walking through Walmart, and we had to get cat and dog food so my grandparents can feed the animals while on vacation. Me, being so sore, let my mom grab the dog food (the much bigger bag), and I went to grab the cat food, which was like three or four aisles away. I had to get two cat food bags, and I couldn’t carry them both for the life of me. So here I go through Walmart dropping them, trying to hold on, and laughing (mentally pitcure a girl with her hair in a messy bun and an already crazed look in her eyes from writing all the time.).

I figured people saw me, but who cares, right? I figured, I’m an independent person, I am just going to do this. But then a lady came up to me. First off, I’d like to mention how awesomely dressed she was. Long, floral, exotic looking dress, and a hat she was holding in her hands. She comes rushing up to me and offers her assistance. And just let me tell you, this lady was one of the nicest, friendliest people I have EVER met. But not one of those overly friendly people like “Hello my name is blah blah blah I’m from blah blah blah what’s your name where are you from do you want to be best friends” type of people.

Long story short (Okay, it’s a short story and this post took me longer to type out than the actual event) I really liked this lady, and I think she set an easy example. Because it’s not hard for someone to step out of their way to give someone else 20 seconds of assistance. The person helping may never actually remember what they did, but the person who was helped, will remember it forever.

So I guess that is why this is a “Thank You Post”. I told her thank you in person, but I feel like, even though she’ll most likely never read this, people like her deserve a special shout out. Do you know anyone like this who you think should be mentioned?

Oh, and for those of you who like to laugh at people, I just spilled my coffee all over my face. *clears throat*

Oh! And also thank you to my new followers. Thirty-six now. Once I get to 50, I’m going to do my first random book give away.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while…so…..

I’ve been wanting to give you a list of my ten favorite Christian songs, books, websites, and movies. Because I know that these can be hard things to find sometimes. So here you go!


1.) Need you Now-Plumb (Awesome song, one of my favorites)
2.) Here I am to Worship- by various artists (I might learn to play the chords to this song in piano, sometime in the somewhat new future
3.)Born for This- Mandisa (If you don’t know the story behind this you might find it as a non-Christian song, but it’s about Esther, it’s definitely one of my favorite songs!)
4.) Captivate Us- Watermark (this is beautiful.I would suggest it to any Christian!)
5.)Have Your Way- Britt Nicole (I listen to this song when I’m sad a lot.)
6.)I’m with you (Ruth and Naomi)-Nichole Nordeman and Amy Grant (about Ruth and Naomi)
7.) Our God- Chris Tomlin
8.) The Sun is Rising- Britt Nicole
9.) Wait for Me-Rebecca St. James (a song about waiting for your husband)
10.) What do I know of holy-Addison Road


1.) The O’Malley series- Dee Henderson (best series ever in my opinion)
2.) Charmed Life Series- Jenny B. Jones (these aren’t extremely religous, but they talk about God a bit; the books are mysteries and hilarious)
3.) Katie Parker Production series- Jenny B.Jones
4.) Christy Miller Series- Robin Jones Gunn (don’t read this unless you are twelve and older. They aren’t bad, but they’re more aimed for teens
5.) Circle C. Ranch Series- Susan K. Marlow (they might be young for some people, but they’re still good!)
6.) Esther in the Bible- not sure who wrote it, but of course inspired by God (this book is an easy, entertaining, suspensful read.)
7.) Ruth from the Bible
8.) Set Apart Femininity- Leslie Ludy (Life changing; don’t read it unless you are a teenager. It’s appropriate,but for teens, and hits hard topics bluntly)
9.) Miracles- Karen Kingsbury (Will make you shiver,so amazing!)
10.) Rachel’s Tears (about Rachel Scott the martyr)


1.) Project Inspired (I seriously love this website!)
2.) Real Teen Faith, now the Mutiny (it’s changed, but it’s still pretty good!)
3.) Go Teen Writer’s (For all of you writer’s)
4.) (for you writers)
5.) (yes, YOU, Paulina :D lol)
6.) (for any of you who like Christian phsychology, like me)
7.) (I would recommend her blog to anyone, it’s great!)
8.) (this is a group blog I am part of. It’s kind of stopping,but if we get some followers, we’ll start again!)


1.) October Baby- PG-13, but clean
2.) Courageous-PG-13, I think, but clean. It might be PG.
3.) Soul Surfer- PG
4.) Christmas Shoes-PG or G I’m not sure (not really a Christian movie, but it’s touching.)
5.) Fireproof-PG-13 (I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard it’s great
6.) Facing the Giants- IDK (Same as above.)

That’s all I can think of!

If you can think of anything else, add it in the comments.

~Natalie Noel~

Missing Yesterday, Loving Today

“I think I hear a gun!” My brother said.
My nine-year-old cousin and nine-year-old me decide that we must explore the now “crime-scene” of a hotel. It was only logical, right?
So we spent nights scared out of our minds and trying to find the murder. We thought he was taking victims into utitlity rooms and killing them off. No logic, no proof, no plan, two nine-year-olds began there search.
Did we find anything? Of course not.
All we found was:-

an unlocked utility room (which scared us to death!)
a guy who scarred us for life (LOL, only my cousin will know)
weird markings on the ceiling in my hotel room
a lifetime of memories
the fact that we weren’t supposed to leave the third floor of the hotel.

We searched for our murderer, played an ongoing game in the pool, had so much fun cleaning her room, played with mermaid toys in the bathtub (both wearing swimsuits, of course), and I cried the day we left her state.

This is what I miss now. The perfect, fun, amazing, innocence of child hood.
Me and my cousin are all grown up now. (Well, 14.)

But with growing up comes new memories.
When I was nine-years-old, I didn’t go shopping with friends, play underground church outside in the dark, and plan to meet pen pals. I didn’t dream about my wedding during study hall or play video games with friends for hours.

Growing up doesn’t mean leaving the young part of you behind. It means taking that part and adding on. Deep down I’m still a nine-year-old chasing a murderer that I really knew wasn’t real, deep down. (But if I acted like that now, I would probably be looked down on :D). I mean there’s still a tiny part of me that wants to crawl into my parents bed during a thudnerstorm. But now the outer shell is an author who is trying to figure out her life.

~Natalie Noel~

“Maturity is a bitter disapointment for which no remedy exsists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.”

~Kurt Vonnegut

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up! Not me!”

~J.M. Barrie

A Look Into My Life :D If You dare….

Ok, fellow friends and followers! I decided that it’s about time that I tell you more abou twho I am.

1) I’m a Christian, but need to grow more in Christ

2) I get along with both of my parents and all three siblings even though I fight with all of my family members like crazy sometimes

3) I LOVE school!! Even though it can be emotionally tough, I love it :)

4) If you want to talk to me, skip the basic conversations because I will not enjoy the conversation.

5) I am strictly me! No one else. I have a different personality than most people, but if you don’t like it, leave me alone! My best friend has put all a LOT effort into understanding me, so that’s why I am her best friend :)

6) I once camped out on the dining room table with my cousin. :D

7) I don’t like to babysit, but I love to teach kids in an organized classroom.

8)  I am NOT organized at all. Not in my room or my brain.

9) If I don’t wanna hang out, I’m too busy hanging out with my characters  ;) If you are an author, you’d get it.

10) I am now off to do my devotions! Tonight its on confidence!! :)


It’s just a dream….

Oh you think? Well your right. If you think it’s just a dream, you’re right.

But if you find the reality of the dream, guess what? IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!!!!!!

My dream is my reality. I wanna be an author? No, I am an author. I’ve worked to get where I am, and I’m going to get farther. I’m not going to give up, because if I say it’s just a dream, or my dream is….I’ll have to start over, because that confidence will be gone. My reality is right here, right now, and I’m living the dream. I’m an author in Indiana. I have the best family, the best friend, the best (and only!!!) God, and I AM an author. So what else is there to want?

Sure, there’s more coming in the future, but a dream can be your reality, you just have to figure out how. Do what you love, and try to get people to support you and that’s all you need.

The key is to start small, and get big.

Best of luck to all of you out there, and remember. It’s not just a dream. It’s your reality.