A Therapy Session: TCWT Blog Chain

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Featuring Faith Bloome, Mandy Kirk, Chrissi Crawford, Violet Burns, and Katia Monroe.

This month TCWT is once again hosting a chain post: write a short scene showing what would happen if your character was to be put in a therapy session. We are also allowed to do a group therapy session. Which is what I’m doing. So here it goes!

Faith Bloome followed her friend Mandy Kirk into the church office. Three girls—more accurately woman– sat around a white table. Various pieces of candy, notebooks, and cell phones were scattered across the table.
One of the woman smiled in the direction of the girls. “Hello, Mandy! Did you bring a friend today?”
Mandy smiled back and looked at Faith proudly. “Yes! This is my brother’s girlfriend, Faith Bloome. She decided that she would join us today.”
More like she begged me to join her, Faith thought to herself.
Faith wished that she could disappear, preferably to Brent’s house, where she had been only moments before.
The woman who had spoken before kicked out a chair next to her. “Come, sit down, you two.” Mandy sat next to the girl, and Faith sat next to Mandy. “Okay, let’s introduce ourselves to Faith, everyone. I’ll start.”
For the first time I really looked her over. She was abnormally short; that was the first thing I noticed. She had shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. She subconsciously twisted her wedding band as she began to talk. “My name’s Chrissandra Crawford. I’m twenty-eight. I’m married and pregnant with my second child. I’m kind of the leader of this group. I have a degree in Christian counseling. I was seventeen when I decided that I was going to major in counseling.

“I had watched my cousin die as a young child, and years later I was still dealing with it.” Chrissandra had looked down when she talked, but looked up when she was finished. “Katia, would you like to go next?”
A tall, very fit girl looked up from her notepad. Katia also had blond hair, but unlike Chrissandra’s, it was long and curly. “Hi, Faith, welcome. My name’s Katia Monroe, and I’m twenty-two years old.” Katia shifted slightly in her chair. “I am here, first and foremost because it is very comforting to have other young woman who believe in God and who have had bad things happen in their life, to meet with and call my friends.” Faith noticed that Katia had a bit of a French accent.
“I’m actually here though, because I was recently in a coma, and now I can’t remember anything; anesthesia. Recently I have had some rather…disturbing flashbacks.”
After a few moments of silence, Chrissandra said, “Vi, would you please introduce yourself?”
Vi was obviously younger than the others. She had more of a golden color of hair, that was long, but had a cute style. Her clothing style suggested that she was very rich. Vi was sitting with her arms crossed and her head bowed. “Chrissi, please, no.”
Chrissi’s lips went into a line. “Name and age?”
Vi still didn’t look up. “Violet Burns. Sixteen.”
Chrissi put her hand on Mandy’s shoulder. “Faith, I’m sure that you are already aware that Mandy comes here because of her cancer. Well more directly, the depression that has come with the fact that she may face death very soon.” Chrissi smiled sympathetically at Mandy.
Faith nodded, still feeling a bit shy.
Chrissi leaned forward on one elbow. “Faith, would you like to introduce yourself now?”
Faith looked up. She was desperately trying to get the courage for doing this. “My name is Faith Bloome. I am fifteen-years-old. I’m here because of…some violence at my home.” Faith could feel her ears reddening.
Each woman welcomed her warmly, and Faith couldn’t help but smile. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as she had expected.


Untitled Post

Yup. This one is named Untitled post, because I’m not sure what to call it. I miss blogging! But my computer’s spammed or something. But I have something real to share with you. I just read this from the Protector by Dee Henderson. I would suggest the book to anyone! But these paragraphs really got my attention.

Jesus had won. And in the last year Cassie had met Him. Not the soft Jesus that a commercialized Christmas conveyed, but a Jesus so comfortable and secure in His authority He’d come to confront Satan on his own turf.
Jesus had chosen to lay aside the trappings of power that were His right and come humble and approachable, a servent. Man saw it as weakness; Jesus did it from strength. He had arrived with nothing to prove but His Father’s love.

I found this all amazing! Beautiful.
I think that a lot of time, us as Christians, don’t let God’s real power sink in. Okay, let me speak for myself. I don’t let God’s real power sink in. I simply say, look at the top. Jesus was a baby, Jesus died on the cross, I am going to heaven. Do you guys do that too?

Speaking to me, and anyone else who has ever thought of things that way, there is so much more to it than that! It’s this amazing, beautiful, supernatural thing that God did! God came down meek, in strength, unto to Satan’s turf. That Baby in a manger is going to knock out sin once and for all! And no this isn’t a Christmas post. It’s something that I realized is beautiful and wonderful.

Any more thoughts to this?

The Thought That’s Changing My Life

By: Natalie Noel

I told my quick-beating heart to be still. The sudden swerve of the swing didn’t mean anything. But I was wrong. At the next instant both chains snapped. I couldn’t make sense of anything. I fell to the ground. It looked like wood was falling on top of me. My leg hurt. I was almost positive that I had broken it.

I screamed a couple times, hoping that my mom would hear me, but since I was in the backyard, and she was inside, she heard nothing.

I looked around me and noticed that nothing was on top of my throbbing leg. So what had happened? The swing lay next to me, but at the moment it was meaningless.

There had been a bar on top of the swings. But when I fell, it fell. Now it was lying across the ground. In the exact same place that my head would’ve been if the chains hadn’t broke!

I grabbed my cell phone that I had been holding onto. It was almost dead, but I still had enough time to call my mom. I quickly dialed her number.

“Hello? ” she answered.

“Mom, I’m hurt. I think I broke my leg.”

She said that she would be out soon to help me.

My mind went to volleyball. If my leg was broken, I would have to sit out of every game and practice….

My mom came outside and sat beside me. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know….The swing broke.”

She tried to help me to my feet, but I began to feel sick to my stomach and everything began to black out. Mom could tell that it was happening by the way I seemed to freeze. She helped me lay back down on the ground and I managed to keep my consciousness.

“You stood up, so your leg isn’t broken,” she assumes.

“But it really hurts. I don’t think I can walk in.” My leg hurt, not because something had landed on top of it, but because one of the chains had hit it.

“Yes, you can. Come on.” She helped me up again and I walk in and lay down on the couch, hoping that my leg would feel better before that night’s activities.

Right off the bat I realized that it was a miracle. I knew that there was absolutely no logical reason that both of those chains broke at the same time. And if they hadn’t, right now you wouldn’t be hearing from me. I’d either be dead or paralyzed. God saved my life. There must be something really important that He wants me to do. I knew it. I was amazed at His power!

But that didn’t go on for long. I’ve been amazed about it ever since, but I didn’t do anything about it. It was only stories. I had fun telling all of my friends about it, because it was exciting! But soon that faded too.

A year had almost past. A lot had happened. I had actually become a born-again Christian. I told God that if He gave me the desire to serve Him, I would. He gave me the desire. I am now trying to add God into my books that I write and am trying to let people know that I’m not ashamed of my God! But God had another lesson to teach me from that accident that happened almost a year ago.

Everyone has emotional scars, whether you realize it or not. Some things just stick. Maybe it’s how a friend treated you or maybe it’s what your brother said to you before you left for summer camp. I was in West Virginia, which is far from my home, when an emotional scar was confronting me. It was staring me in the face, telling me that my life wouldn’t be the same because of it. That’s just what the devil wanted me to believe.

My eyes traveled to the scar from the chain on my leg and it hit me right in the face. Everything was going to be okay! I was going to be fine.

A few days later I sat at a restaurant with my grandma. We had been talking for a long time about school, friends, and anything that would pop into our minds, really.

“Grandma, I know this is off subject, but can I tell you something? I definitely want you to hear it.”

My grandma, who is one of my best friends, smiled. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Do you remember that accident I was in a year ago? You know, with the swing?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

I continued. “I was thinking the other night. And you know how almost everyone has some emotional scars?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well I got a scar from that accident. And I was thinking. It’s always going to be there, but it never actually going to bother me again. It’s never going to hurt again or keep me from doing things. Can’t emotional scars kind of be like that? It happened, the evidence is there, but it doesn’t actually have to hurt anymore.”

She gets a smile on her face. “Natalie, that’s completely true! That’s really good thinking.”

“Thanks, but God put the idea into my head.”

And I really do believe that God put the idea into my head. I believe that that accident was supposed to affect my life. It was like God told me that I had a purpose, then told me that everything was going to be all right. But remember this. God heals physical wounds and God heals emotional wounds. Think of it this way. If you broke your arm and kept on slamming it against a tree, would it ever heal? It’s the same thing emotionally. If you are emotionally hurt and you keep on walking back into the situation, how can you heal?

So remember, whether God has showed you that He has saved your life before or not you are important to Him! He died on the cross for you!

And also remember that God heals physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds, no matter how big!

Writing For My God!

Well. I was thinking and talking to God a bit too. And lately I’ve been wondering how in the WORLD do you dedicate your writing to God? How in the world do you have God right next to you, telling you what to say? It’s easy. You write the books for HIS honor and glory. You have the characters learn lessons that other people can read about and it can change the people reading it too! I once read this book that when I got to a certain part I was on my knees. Without thinking I’d slip away to my room and pray. That’s the kind of effect our books should have, righ? Because we are only on earth for so long. And one day, guess what? Your books, photographs, songs, or whatever will be burned up when fire overcomes the world. You aren’t going to be able to take your books with you to heaven. But guess what? Your books CAN have an everlasting effect on people. If somebody gets saved while reading one of your books, guess what?! The effect will last FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what? If somone gets their life write with God, the effect will last…FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it’s your choice. Are you going to write books that are going to bring people closer to God, or move them away from God?

I don’t remember the exact words, so I’m paraphrasing here. But when you leave someone they need to be closer to God than before they left.

In the Bible it says, “O earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord!” Maybe us authors and singers can make just as big as an impact as missionaries. Your book could reach every library in America. Maybe some in other countries even. Now what are you going to do? What kind of impact are you going to make in their lives?

Live for these words. “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

~Natalie Noel T.

A Summer To the Fullest

Half of the time, I feel like I am just soo busy. Especially in the school year. But when you look at it, how should priorities be set? During the school year it’s pretty obvious, but now that we are in summer, what  should we do?

Well, I know that God is a huge priority. So thanks to my volleyball team, I am reading my Bible more than I used to. But I know that I still need to read it more, so maybe I should come up with a summer reading plan to do by myself?

I’d say that work is a pretty big priority, as boring as it may sound. Already this summer I had a major work day at my grandma’s house, along with my cousin. We ended up having tons of fun, and getting the house ready for new carpet to be put in. Our schedule was, work for two hours, then go out to lunch, then to Wal-Mart and a few other places. Then we went back to my grandma’s house and lazed around for a bit. We finished our job around six, so my cousin and I wrote a bit (yay for cousin who likes to write too!). We had devotions, then watched a really touching movie. That was one of the best days that I’ve had so far for our 2012 summer.

Family is another big priority. I have three little siblings, and love each of them to death. Last night my mom told me to go water the flowers, but I watered my brother Zach instead. Zachary loved it. I set the hose down, and turned away to talk to my mom, and when I turned around, the baby, Joshua,  had the hose, and was having a great time with it. Soon the three of us, and Bethany were all running around playing in the hose, having a great time. Our fun couldn’t last long though, since it was about time for Joshee to go to bed. Well finally I watered the flowers (figures that the watering can had a hole in it). So as I was watering them, I was running in wet flip-flops,  my clothes were soaked, and the water was pouring out of the hole of the watering can. Who knew that watering flowers could be so much fun!

I don’t think that school should be forgotten either. Just because it’s summer don’t turn your brain off. (No, I’m not going to be a total freak and go by textbooks and teach myself things) but allow yourself to learn, what God has in store for the summer. For example, since I type a lot I am finally learning how to spell.

Now don’t forget about the rest of summer though!!!!!! We have two and a half months, to get ready for the next grade. So make sure to have fun too! Have a great summer everyone!