Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time…in a land far away…my family took a vacation on the other side of the U.S. And here are some pictures!

vacation ten

We went to Montana, which may or may not seem like a really random place, but we have family there. And plus, if you haven’t been there before, it is absolutely beautiful.

vacation two

vacation seven

These are some of the people who were visiting.
From left to right: Zach (my brother), Bethany (my sister), Abby (my cousin), me and Joshua (my brother), Becca aka Salad Dressing (cousin). This vacation was a ton of fun from stargazing to tubing to doing absolutely nothing.

I did a lot of firsts. Like a chipmunk from the wild ate out of my hand. And I made a snow angel in June, while wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and sandels. We also got to ride a ski lift.

vacation five

vacation eight

But what’s a vacation without doing absolutely nothing? So Becca and I sat in her family’s camper hour after hour watching….

vacation eleven

vacation 12

vacation 14

We also did madlibs and watched random hilarious videos.

Bethany and Abby had a good time too, playing mad scientist, magician, and singer (both have really amazing voices.).

I decided that I want a pet bisen (or to pet a bisen….).

vacation six

Oh! And I got to stand under a waterfall (even though it was small) which is something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly a year.

vacation nine

I decided thatI might move to Wyoming (a state we spent a day in) when I move out….

vacation three

After all it is the cowboy state. ;)

But I would miss my cornfields….


Just kidding.



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A Summer To the Fullest

Half of the time, I feel like I am just soo busy. Especially in the school year. But when you look at it, how should priorities be set? During the school year it’s pretty obvious, but now that we are in summer, what  should we do?

Well, I know that God is a huge priority. So thanks to my volleyball team, I am reading my Bible more than I used to. But I know that I still need to read it more, so maybe I should come up with a summer reading plan to do by myself?

I’d say that work is a pretty big priority, as boring as it may sound. Already this summer I had a major work day at my grandma’s house, along with my cousin. We ended up having tons of fun, and getting the house ready for new carpet to be put in. Our schedule was, work for two hours, then go out to lunch, then to Wal-Mart and a few other places. Then we went back to my grandma’s house and lazed around for a bit. We finished our job around six, so my cousin and I wrote a bit (yay for cousin who likes to write too!). We had devotions, then watched a really touching movie. That was one of the best days that I’ve had so far for our 2012 summer.

Family is another big priority. I have three little siblings, and love each of them to death. Last night my mom told me to go water the flowers, but I watered my brother Zach instead. Zachary loved it. I set the hose down, and turned away to talk to my mom, and when I turned around, the baby, Joshua,  had the hose, and was having a great time with it. Soon the three of us, and Bethany were all running around playing in the hose, having a great time. Our fun couldn’t last long though, since it was about time for Joshee to go to bed. Well finally I watered the flowers (figures that the watering can had a hole in it). So as I was watering them, I was running in wet flip-flops,  my clothes were soaked, and the water was pouring out of the hole of the watering can. Who knew that watering flowers could be so much fun!

I don’t think that school should be forgotten either. Just because it’s summer don’t turn your brain off. (No, I’m not going to be a total freak and go by textbooks and teach myself things) but allow yourself to learn, what God has in store for the summer. For example, since I type a lot I am finally learning how to spell.

Now don’t forget about the rest of summer though!!!!!! We have two and a half months, to get ready for the next grade. So make sure to have fun too! Have a great summer everyone!