A Therapy Session: TCWT Blog Chain

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Featuring Faith Bloome, Mandy Kirk, Chrissi Crawford, Violet Burns, and Katia Monroe.

This month TCWT is once again hosting a chain post: write a short scene showing what would happen if your character was to be put in a therapy session. We are also allowed to do a group therapy session. Which is what I’m doing. So here it goes!

Faith Bloome followed her friend Mandy Kirk into the church office. Three girls—more accurately woman– sat around a white table. Various pieces of candy, notebooks, and cell phones were scattered across the table.
One of the woman smiled in the direction of the girls. “Hello, Mandy! Did you bring a friend today?”
Mandy smiled back and looked at Faith proudly. “Yes! This is my brother’s girlfriend, Faith Bloome. She decided that she would join us today.”
More like she begged me to join her, Faith thought to herself.
Faith wished that she could disappear, preferably to Brent’s house, where she had been only moments before.
The woman who had spoken before kicked out a chair next to her. “Come, sit down, you two.” Mandy sat next to the girl, and Faith sat next to Mandy. “Okay, let’s introduce ourselves to Faith, everyone. I’ll start.”
For the first time I really looked her over. She was abnormally short; that was the first thing I noticed. She had shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. She subconsciously twisted her wedding band as she began to talk. “My name’s Chrissandra Crawford. I’m twenty-eight. I’m married and pregnant with my second child. I’m kind of the leader of this group. I have a degree in Christian counseling. I was seventeen when I decided that I was going to major in counseling.

“I had watched my cousin die as a young child, and years later I was still dealing with it.” Chrissandra had looked down when she talked, but looked up when she was finished. “Katia, would you like to go next?”
A tall, very fit girl looked up from her notepad. Katia also had blond hair, but unlike Chrissandra’s, it was long and curly. “Hi, Faith, welcome. My name’s Katia Monroe, and I’m twenty-two years old.” Katia shifted slightly in her chair. “I am here, first and foremost because it is very comforting to have other young woman who believe in God and who have had bad things happen in their life, to meet with and call my friends.” Faith noticed that Katia had a bit of a French accent.
“I’m actually here though, because I was recently in a coma, and now I can’t remember anything; anesthesia. Recently I have had some rather…disturbing flashbacks.”
After a few moments of silence, Chrissandra said, “Vi, would you please introduce yourself?”
Vi was obviously younger than the others. She had more of a golden color of hair, that was long, but had a cute style. Her clothing style suggested that she was very rich. Vi was sitting with her arms crossed and her head bowed. “Chrissi, please, no.”
Chrissi’s lips went into a line. “Name and age?”
Vi still didn’t look up. “Violet Burns. Sixteen.”
Chrissi put her hand on Mandy’s shoulder. “Faith, I’m sure that you are already aware that Mandy comes here because of her cancer. Well more directly, the depression that has come with the fact that she may face death very soon.” Chrissi smiled sympathetically at Mandy.
Faith nodded, still feeling a bit shy.
Chrissi leaned forward on one elbow. “Faith, would you like to introduce yourself now?”
Faith looked up. She was desperately trying to get the courage for doing this. “My name is Faith Bloome. I am fifteen-years-old. I’m here because of…some violence at my home.” Faith could feel her ears reddening.
Each woman welcomed her warmly, and Faith couldn’t help but smile. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as she had expected.