Interview with Abigail Kraft

About yourself
1.) Hello! Can you go ahead and introduce yourself?

Well, my name’s Abigail Kraft (I’m fine with Abby). I’m thirteen and from a town in Iowa with a population of 290; I know, we’re small. Also, my family doesn’t farm. Big shocker, I know.
2.) How long have you been writing?

I really started to enjoy writing in about sixth grade.
3.) What time of the day do you usually write at?

I’m more inspired at night, but I can write whenever.
4.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled for a book?

Facts and myths about the plant morphine comes from.
5.) Do you have any writing quirks?

I tend to bite down on my thumb when I’m thinking. It’s really weird.
6.) What writing communities are you apart of?
Go Teen Writers is my only one and I’m fine with it.
7.) What’s your favorite book? Either Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson or Sweetly by Jackson Pearce.
8.) What made you decide you want to be a writer?
I was writing a short story for language, and I wanted to keep going; to plot every single thing about that character
.9.) Where can people find you (Blog, twitter, Facebook page, etc)?
My twitter is @AbbyMKraft and I have a blog. Here’s the link
About your book
1.) Briefly, what is your book about?

Anthony Robertson is a seventeen-year-old boy in upstate Brooklyn in 1922. He that is assigned to travel into the future to kill a creature called a treption to stop an apocalypse. When he arrives, he comes across Garrett Lidden and his twin sister Garvin. They try to help Anthony find the treption and kill it. Will Anthony kill the treption? Will he ever get back to his time?
2.) What genre is your book? Action and Supernatural.

3.) How long have your been writing it?
About a month or so.

4.) Is it finished or are you still writing? Have you started querying yet?
I have about four chapters so far.
5.) Where do you see this book in five years?

Hopefully on my bookshelf.

6.) Are there any songs that kind of show what your book is about or how you feel about it?

I usually listened to The Lonely by Christina Perri and Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine.

7.) What is your favorite line or paragraph for this book?

I didn’t feel anymore fear; I felt excitement. People would hear of my great duty and would thank and praise me. They were going to remember me.

8.) What are you trying to get across with this book? Is there some emotional lesson you are trying to teach people or is this book more of something you’d expect to see on a best sellers list?

Anything is possible if you just trust yourself.

9.) What was/is going to be the hardest scene to write?

When they find the treption. J10.) Could you ever see your book being turned into a movie? Yes!11.) Is this just a lone novel or will it be made into a series? I’m thinking a lone novel, but that might change overtime. About your characters (choose one character to talk about here)

Introduce us to your character:
1.) Introduce us to your character?

Garrett Lidden: sixteen-years-old.

2.) What is the physical thing your character is trying to reach? Emotional?

Physical: He’s trying to help Anthony find and kill the treption. Emotional: He’s trying to keep himself sane even though his father is dead and there’s a teenage boy from 1922 staying in his apartment.

3.) If your character could only see one person for the rest of his/hers life, who would they chose?

It would probably be his father.

4.) Describe your character in three words.

Brave, protective, and athletic.

5.) What do other characters think of this character?

They think he’s really mature and a great person.

6.) If your character was going to die tomorrow, what are three things they would want to do?

See his father again, find the treption, and be with his girlfriend, Mindy.
7.) If your characters memories were going to be erased, what is the one memory they would want to keep?

Him and his father playing soccer when he was younger

8.) What is the hardest thing your character has ever had to do?

Watch his father die.

8.) What is this character’s best memory?

Spending time with his whole family on the beach when they lived in New Jersey.

9.) If this character was put in the Hunger Games Arena (haha ;D) would they be a victor? If not how soon would they die?

He’d probably make it a week or two. Or maybe win if he was lucky.

10.) Now let’s let the character answer. What do YOU think of the author?

I think she’s alright. I mean, I could’ve lived without her killing off my father, but beside the point, she’s writing a really great storyline for all of us.


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