TCWT Blog Chain Post!

This month’s blog hop on is this:

“How have both the people in your life and your own personal experiences impacted your writing? Do you ever base characters off of people you know?”

Well this question has me thinking, because I haven’t actually thought about this much before. I’ve been told before that I need to still live, even though I’m a dedicated writer. Which in my mind, totally makes sense. If you don’t live, how can you write a novel about living (in most cases) breathing characters? If you spend your days sitting in your room staring at your Facebook account and at a blank WordPress screen, you’re not going to be able to write a novel.

If you don’t watch people and live yourself, you won’t know how it works, so you won’t be able to write about it, it’s as simple as that (although readers may get VERY close to being accurate).

If you hide yourself you won’t experience happiness and pain. Joy and sorrow. Excitement and Disappointment.

So I guess my answer to the first question, is that I’ve been affected greatly by experiences in my life. My main ideas come from life and dreams. Having and interacting with friends and family makes it easier to have fuller characters. I find a lot of character quirks from watching people. One of my biggest “people watching” stage was when I worked at a concession stand. Young children would run in and out. Some would help (although some were a HELP and some weren’t). I got ran into and dropped food. There were some people with quirks that I loved, that I will always remember. Like the lady who always asked for warm pop and the guy who always asked for a mix or hot chocolate and coffee.

Another thing that I’ll always remember, is that on two different occasions I was swarmed with customers and alone. The first time, my “boss’s” mother in law came back and simply asked, “What do you need me to do?” Another time, I was back working and was SWARMED. A guy came on over and started to help make hot dogs.
Working there for those few months helped me to see how people worked, the good and the bad.

Do you ever base characters off of people you know?”

Occasionally. In my work in progress TEN PROMISES, each of Chrissi’s (My main character) three youngest siblings is based on my siblings.

Eli is based on my brother Zachary. Eli has the same, mellow, cool personality as my brother (even though my brother has been getting more out there in the recent years.
Azure is based on Bethany. They have the same clothing style and parts of the same personality.
Joab is based on Joshua. Both are crazy. Enough said.
I have other characters who have bits and pieces of me and other people, but nothing as major as that.

Do you do things like that? Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “TCWT Blog Chain Post!

  1. Awesome post!! I use people’s quirks in my writing too. I mean, it’s really hard NOT to do. It just kind of pops up! ;)

    stopping by from TCWT

  2. I love to see the way people work and react before I put them in my novel, like you! So I understand what you were explaining in this blog post, because I do it myself. I’m more of a watching-learner: I like to see how things are done before applying them.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog post!

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