Interview With Alyson Schroll

I’m happy to host Alyson Schroll on Reading, Writing, and Somewhat Profound Thoughts today. :) Thanks, Alyson!

About yourself

1.) Hello! Can you go ahead and introduce yourself?

– My name is Alyson Schroll. I live in New Jersey with my large family. Since I could hold a crayon, I have been writing stories and drawing illustrations. This has developed into a love for blogging and a passion for painting. I am inspired by God’s continual and creative work in the lives of His children. I enjoy book store cafes, warm sunny days, and books with fascination imagery. You can read more about me at

2.) How long have you been writing?
– My love for coloring was pretty evident at a very young age, so my mom used pieces of paper that were lined at the bottom and blank at the top. For school projects, I would write a story on the bottom and draw a picture at the top. That’s pretty much where it all started.

3.) What time of the day do you usually write at?
– I can focus the best at night after my younger siblings go to bed. After 8:30, I can really get into my story, but unfortunately, I have to get up at a decent hour the next morning.

4.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled for a book?For my secondary work in progress, I had to look up how to skin a squirrel. It was so disgusting that I spent most of my time trying to figure out a way I didn’t have to put into my story : )

5.) Do you have any writing quirks?
– I can never remember the difference between “sense” and “since,” I overuse the word “that,” and I love “—“ : )

6.) What writing communities are you apart of?
– The main one I am a part of is Go Teen Writers. I am attending a conference this summer, some of my closest friends write, and I just got my Dad to finish his first book, but other than that, I’m on my own.

7.) What’s your favorite book?
– I love a lot of books, but my absolute favorite has to be The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis. There are just so many aspects to that story that a little kid won’t understand. C. S. Lewis’ writing is amazing, and it I wanted to model my writing after anyone, it would be him.

8.) What made you decide you want to be a writer?
– God did. He gave me the skills and abilities to form words in a talented way. He gave me bizarre life experiences that I could intertwine into my stories. And, he also gave me my parents who have provided me with the tools I needed to succeed. All I did was choose to use those gifts.

9.) Where can people find you (Blog, twitter, Facebook page, etc)?
– My blog is There I write not only about my writing but also about life and what God’s doing in it.

About your book

1.) Briefly, what is your book about?
– Taylor Peterson decided to take off from work for the summer to spend time with her six year old daughter and make up for their past dreadful summers. But when her daughter lands in coma from an accident, she puts a wall in front of her eyes and refuses to see what God could possibly have in store. But, with her husband coming home from the air force, she is forced to make a decision.
God has given Jessica Hawkins incredible strength with dealing with an invisible illness that is stealing her breath. She has long sense barricaded her heart against other people in fear of hurting them. Her life is shaken when her cousin comes to live with them, and pressure builds.

2.) What genre is your book?
– “Brick Walls” is a Christian Contemporary Novel.

3.) How long have your been writing it?
– I started brainstorming this story less than a year ago and started writing around the beginning of the school year I believe.

4.) Is it finished or are you still writing? Have you started querying yet?
– I am nearly done my second draft. I have worked on proposals and letters for a conference I will be attending this summer with the intent of pitching to agents.

5.) Where do you see this book in five years?
– Hopefully, on a book shelf in Barnes and Noble. But, God has His own time table and I have learned that it’s always better than mine.

6.) Are there any songs that kind of show what your book is about or how you feel about it?
– I have not found a song that really captures what this book is about, but I will keep my ears open though.

7.) What is your favorite line or paragraph for this book?
– This constantly changes only because I am a dialogue nut and will study the same line for an hour before I’m happy with it. Right now it’s: “The world doesn’t need more heart breaking stories. They need more heart surrendering people.”

8.) What are you trying to get across with this book? Is there some emotional lesson you are trying to teach people or is this book more of something you’d expect to see on a best sellers list?
– Most of what I write comes from things I have learned in my own life. This book is mostly about looking for what God can do with the hurt in your life instead of putting up a wall.

9.) What was/is going to be the hardest scene to write?
– It was probably a scene I wrote the other day. My main character writes a sad letter to her husband in the air force, and I had a hard time forming the right words.

10.) Could you ever see your book being turned into a movie?
– I don’t think it would happen, but I think it would turn well into a movie. I am a very visual writer so most of what I write, I can see in my head. A family in my story goes on vacation to Lake George, New York which is an absolutely breathtaking place.

11.) Is this just a lone novel or will it be made into a series?
– Right now, I feel it best to leave it as a lone novel.
About your character-

1.) Introduce us to your character?
– Taylor Peterson is a young mother of six year old, Kaylee. Her husband is in the air force. Taylor followed her dream of becoming a ballet instructor, but this summer she takes off so she can make up for the past horrible summers her daughter has had.

2.) What is the physical thing your character is trying to reach? Emotional?
– She wants to become the best mother she can be.

3.) If your character could only see one person for the rest of his/hers life, who would they chose?
– As much as she loves her daughter, she would probably choose her husband.

4.) Describe your character in three words.
– Teacher—caring—stubborn

5.) What do other characters think of this character?
– They feel sorry for her, but sometimes they want to slap her in the face. But, mostly they like her : ) Many of the characters see her as a second mother.

6.) If your character was going to die tomorrow, what are three things they would want to do?
– Get a hug from her daughter, see her husband, and say goodbye to her ballet girls.

7.) If your characters memories were going to be erased, what is the one memory they would want to keep?
– Her family being together before her husband left and her daughter fell into a coma.

8.) What is the hardest thing your character has ever had to do?
– Admit she was wrong about dealing with her daughter’s predicament.

9.) What is this character’s best memory?
– Summer dance productions with her ballet girls.

10.) If this character was put in the Hunger Games Arena (haha ;D) would they be a victor? If not how soon would they die?
– I have never read or seen hunger games, but I know enough to know that Taylor would not last long : )

11.) Now let’s let the character answer. What do YOU think of the author?
– “I hate her. She puts me through so much, but I do love how my story ends.”


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