Interview with Katelyn Whitely

Today I am excited to host writer Katelyn Whitley. In the month of June, I will be interviewing writers, who you may see on the best sellers list in the next few years. Hope you enjoy! Thanks Katelyn.

About Yourself:
1.) Hello! Can you go ahead and introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Katelyn, I’m fourteen, and I’m a Freshman in high school.

2.) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing little short stories since I could read, but since I got serious about it? Hmm… about two years ago.

3.) What time of the day do you usually write at?

Afternoon or night. Whenever I’m most inspired.

4.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled for a book?

Oh, wow. There’s been so many weird things I’ve googled. Uh, probably “How to easily poison without leaving traces of chemicals behind.” I’m probably on the FBI watch list.

5.) Do you have any writing quirks?

I make the faces my characters make as I write, and I tend to read aloud as I write.

6.) What writing communities are you apart of?

Go Teen Writers is the only one. I seriously love it.

7.) What’s your favorite book?

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The whole trilogy, really. It has such terrific messages and teaches so much.

8.) What made you decide you want to be a writer?

I was bored. I had nothing to do and it was really hot outside and I was miserable, so I just picked up a notebook and started writing the worst story ever. I grew to love it, as I watched it change and evolve into something greater. Writing became like breathing.

9.) Where can people find you (Blog, twitter, Facebook page, etc)?

They can find me on my blogs, The Life of a Teenage Writer (, A Pinch of Classy ( Twitter (@KatelynMWhitley), and Tumblr ( if you don’t mind overbearing fandom posts.

About Your Book:
1.) Briefly, what is your book about?

Brittany, a high school senior who learns about friendship and pain and loss. That’s a very bad summary, but I have no clue how to describe it with less gruesome words.

2.) What genre is your book?

Contemporary Young Adult. I do have a Guardian Angel who makes an appearance quite often, so that may put it in the Supernatural genre.

3.) How long have you been writing it?

Since April. So, almost two months.

4.) Is it finished or are you still writing? Have you started querying yet? I’m still writing it. It’s very tough for me to write, since it deals with a lot of topics that I don’t normally read about.

5.) Where do you see this book in five years? Published, being made into a movie, that sort of thing. At least, that’s kinda what I’m hoping for.

6.) Are there any songs that kind of show what your book is about or how you feel about it?

Control by JJ Heller, I think, describes one of my characters. Except the character is not as Christian as the song is.

7.) What is your favorite line or paragraph for this book?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. My characters tend to have great lines. Probably this: “Well, that’s the way you humans are. When something goes wrong, and you feel you’re to blame, you do whatever you can to justify it. It normally helps too, if your Guardian approves of it. If not, then . . . well, you still feel guilty. Good thing I approve, though!”

8.) What are you trying to get across with this book? Is there some emotional lesson you are trying to teach people or is this book more of something you’d expect to see on a best sellers list?

It’s both, really. I want to teach people that words hurt, and that people hurt. That people are fragile, and you can crush them with a single sentence. And that people do things, not because they’re seeking attention, but because they want to feel better and they want to be happy.

9.) What was/is going to be the hardest scene to write?

Well, I can’t tell you exactly, or it’ll spoil the book. But I can say that it’s near the end, and my heart will be crushed then. I’ll probably be in an emotional coma after writing it.

10.) Could you ever see your book being turned into a movie?

Yeah, I could. I really could. I think it’ll have enough impact to be a movie someday. Maybe not, though.

11.) Is this just a lone novel or will it be made into a series?

I was planning for it to be just one novel, but I think it’s going to need a sequel. Just one though. I can’t take on another series.

About Your Characters

1.) Introduce us to your character?

This is Meghan. She doesn’t have a last name because I’m too lazy to give her one and she won’t tell me her real one.

2.) What is the physical thing your character is trying to reach? Emotional?

Freedom from her past and her mind and her flaws. Happiness.

3.) If your character could only see one person for the rest of his/hers life, who would they chose?

Herself. She strongly dislikes people.

4.) Describe your character in three words. Hurting. Sarcastic. Alone.

5.) What do other characters think of this character?

At first glance, they think she’s obnoxious and attention-seeking. After getting to know her, they realize she’s just vulnerable and scared.

6.) If your character was going to die tomorrow, what are three things they would want to do?

Confront the person who made her become the way she is. Go out to the ocean and swim. Draw one last drawing.

7.) If your characters memories were going to be erased, what is the one memory they would want to keep?

The memory of Dirk. While he caused her a lot of pain, she needs those memories to give her a speck of hope, which is all she allows herself.

8.) What is the hardest thing your character has ever had to do?

Her whole life has been nothing but hard. But . . . probably to let go of everything (No, I’m not saying anything else, unless I give it away).

9.) What is this character’s best memory?

It’s subject to change, obviously, but probably her first time at the ocean with her dad.

10.) If this character was put in the Hunger Games Arena (haha ;D) would they be a victor? If not how soon would they die?

OHMYFANDOMS HUNGER GAMES *fangirls* Uh, she would not– (Meghan: That is not true!) Shut up, Meg, and go back to where I left you. *cough* She would make it to the final two, kill the last guy, and then kill herself, just to spite the Capitol. She’s also just that contrary. She’d most likely go out with a sarcastic comment along the lines of “Well, this has been fun, but I’d rather die than party with all you Capitol mutants.”

11.) Now let’s let the character answer. What do YOU think of the author?

(Katelyn: Wait, what?) YUS. Finally! I get to say something. Ugh, I’ve been stuck in that scene for weeks. I’m out, finally. Okay, let’s see. Well, she’s so sweet and so awesome. Can you hear the sarcasm? Okay, let’s be real. She’s awful. She spills all my secrets to you without thinking about what I think? Excuse me, I didn’t have to tell her anything. You can be sure I won’t talk to her for a long time now. And did you know she plans to have me—(Katelyn: Okaaaaaaay, I think your time is over, Meg. Back in the scene.) Ugh, whatever. Byyyyyye.

Thanks for having me here, Natalie!


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