And now we welcome Adriana Lister!

Tonight, I’m glad to have my friend and one of my two coauthors, Adriana Lister guest posting on my blog. Let’s make her feel welcome!

*This month, there will be very guest posts on the topic of Coauthoring Verses Solo Writing*

Coauthoring Verses Solo Writing: Part One By Adriana Lister

1.)From what you know about coauthoring vs. solo writing, which do you think would be easier?
I have done both and, from my personal experience, Solo Writing is easier.

2.)What has made solo writing more appealing to you than coauthoring?
Well, I was coauthoring with a friend but we both became busy, and couldn’t find time that worked with my schedule and hers, and we had a bit of a problem that whenever we got together to write she or I didn’t want to write. (Depending on the situation) Also since we held off the story for so long I also became disinterested and backed out.

3.)Have you considered coauthoring before?
I have considered giving it a try again, yes

4.)What are some good things about writing solo?
You can write what you want and place certain scene where you want and think it’s nessesary without someone not always agreeing with you.

5.)What are some bad things about writing solo?
Well sometimes it’s nice to have someone you’re writing the story with to set you straight (pretty much the opposite of what I said above) and also to have someone help you if you’re struggling with Writer’s Block… Or just a case of Lazyness

6.)Do you ever wish that you had somebody to plot with?
I’ve only ever had that happen a few times

7.)Are you a plotter or panster?
I am a plotter for sure. Big time. I have in depth character profiles, world’s/building (or whatever I need) planned out fully before I start. Then if something or someone jumps in later I plan it out on my spare time so it’ll work.

8.)Who/ what do you go to when you need inspiration?
My music, work on a drawing of one of my MC’s or an episode of Dr.Who to get my mind off writing and then when I come back I am inspired (I don’t know why or how but it works)

9.)As a solo writer, do you often find yourself bouncing ideas off of friends?
Yes, I always ask my friends opinions if I’m stuck

10.)Where do you find your inspiration to write your books?
The Final Fantasy Video Games, Pinterest, My friends or (like in one of the novels I will be starting in a few weeks) to wonder what it would be like to be Blind or Unable to walk, Also I just hav these characters in my head and I want to give them some time to shine and to share them with the world

11.)Do you have any advice for solo writers who might be reading this?Keep writing! I love it and I am so glad I discovered it. There may be some days where you are just lacking in inspiration or suffering from Writer’s block and that’s okay! Keep writing. Also don’t be afraid to give coauthoring a try.


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