“The moment when a book changes the way you live.” ~Little Book Things

I’ve had this happen before. Books renew things within you. Books make you want to do good; they make you want to be better people. Books are a lonely girl’s best friend.
I don’t really have an opinion on whether actual books or eBooks are better, because either way you get the experience. You get changed.
Books are better than movies, because when reading, you can transform into the main character. You feel their emotions, of love, victory, and loss. You grow emotionally. You get these crazy little fictional crushes where it’s impossible that it will ever work, but you want it to anyways. You grow up, you get older with the familiar friends and enemies you have grown up with. When it’s time to face the real world, you already have a million different responses for a million different situations. You’ve already lived so much. You can look at your own bad situations and think “well I’m glad I’m not in the Hunger Games” or “I’m glad I’m not stalked by that person”. Compared to those things, your problems are nothing.
Books build who you are. Books build what you feel. Books shape your life.


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