Coming Up!

I am very excited for this upcoming month! I am hosting something called “Coauthoring vs. Solo Writing”. There will be several guest posters (most of who haven’t posted before on this blog.) who will be visiting us, and telling what they know, some in interviews, some in posts.

So here’s what you can expect:-

April 5th- Bekah (my coauthor) will have an interview. She’ll basically tell you what coauthoring is about, and give you some tips.

April 8th- Bethany, my one and only sister, will have her fantasy story posted. She’s seven, so I hope you enjoy.

April 12th- Jessa Bateman will do a post about coauthoring

April 16th- I will interview Adriana Lister, a solo writer.

April 19th- I will interview Paulina Czarnecki, who is also a solo writer.

April 26th- Zara Hoffman will compare both coauthoring and solo writing.

*the links to there blogs will be put up as they guest post*


5 thoughts on “Coming Up!

  1. It looks like this was posted last month, but it’s the latest one and none of this stuff happened… Your blog looks pretty cool though! Can’t wait to read more from you!

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