No, no, don’t let the title scare you. It’s the title of my book for Campnanowrimo in April. So you don’t need to be scared, I do. Well I’m really, really excited. And today I wanted to introduce to you to my main characters.

First there is Chrissandra “Chrissi” Crawford. She’s seventeen-years-old and the oldest of five children. She’s very small because of a disease she had when she was younger. Chrissi is a very strong Christian, but she made the mistake of falling into a world of drama and no real friendships. The story finds her tired of it all and ready to go home from her boarding school in England. She misses her family and is tired of how the school and her “friends” are bringing her down.

There’s Deaenna “DeeDee” Crawford, who is Chrissi’s younger sister. Deaenna is fourteen and just trying to get through high school. She has no long-term goals, except for maybe becoming exactly like Chrissi. Especially spirtitually. Chrissi is so far along in her walk with God and Deaenna is spiritually carnal. It’s frustrating.

Ross Tyler is the one person who might be able to help Chrissi get over her breakup with Ben, the man that she dated for two years. But his presence puts unspoken danger in Chrissi’s life. She knows it by the signs that show up at her house, that Ross’s presence is making her a target for something. But she can’t escape, and risk losing his friendship.

McKennah Cripe’s life is awful. When doing a tearfilled apology and confession to her new friend Chrissi she never imagined that the Crawford family would welcome her into their home with open arms. She loves them right away. Chrissi is the best friend she’s ever had. Deaenna and her fight like crazy but she’s just a kid. The little kids are adorable and tons of fun. But the family’s religion drives her nuts. Really, who could believe in a God? She makes fun of them at first, but slowly begins to realize that they might have something behind all of this.

I am very, very excited about this book! I have fallen in love with these characters! It’s going to be a fun one to write.

The Crawford family is big on usual names, which is something I thought I should mention. Here are the name’s of the kids. (The three youngest are dedicated to my siblings and Deaenna will be dedicated to somebody but I haven’t decided who yet.)

Chrissandra “Chrissi” Crawford- age 18
Deaenna (DEE-enna) “DeeDee” Crawford- age 14
Eli Austin Crawford- age nine (dedicated to my brother Zach)
Azure “ZuZu” Anne Crawford- age seven (dedicated to Bethany Anne, my sister)
Joab Michael Crawford- age three (dedicated to Joshee Michael)


12 thoughts on “Run

    • *cringes* whenever you say that it reminds me of what a horrible friend I am. That week and a half I did have to read ended up being one of the busiest (and most fun) weeks I’ve ever had. And now I’m loaded up with makeup work. But it’s almost spring break, which should be uneventful, so I will start then. I promise!! Haha but thanks, I really appreciate it. :)

      • Oh no you’re definitely fine. You’re amazing :) And don’t worry, you’re not holding me up or anything :) You rock! And I’ve been busy too, so I definitely understand.

      • I started on chapter one today, and I think my computer deleted it. -_- So I’m mad. For your second book, you should do Campnanowrimo (yeah, looking for more cabin maits. I have three from Go Teen Writers so far)! :) Or whatever works for you this time around, because I obviously won’t be pressure you into doing it or be offended if you don’t. Because that’d be really mean. And I try not to be mean. I might send you an email tonight actually, because something weird and somewhat cool happened!

      • Ok awesomeness haha :) I think Camp NaNo would work for me, but I have a few questions: 1. Cabin mates? 2. Which one are you doing? I think there’s two, right? 3. Do you have to start a new novel like during NaNoWriMo? Because I’m abt 5000 words into this one, soo…. :) Thanks!

    • Yay!

      1.) If you do it, you can be in a cabin with me. :) Just tell me your username so the group I’m doing it with can request you, and request to have NatalieNoel13, Adriana_Gabrielle, Erilyn_Wendy, and King Sean in your cabin. You just do that under cabin preferences. :) If you want to join us though, can you either tonight or tomorrow? Because we have to opt out agian, the four of us, and we are ready to settle in! But if not, we’ll be patient.
      2.) I’m doing it in April, but it’s also in July.
      3.) Nah, shouldn’t be a problem.

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