I’m So Not a Tourist…Right?

So I hate the idea of being a tourist, okay? I mean, I have nothing against tourist, but personally when I go to a new place, I like to try to fit in the best that I can. But hey, I’m me, so I always mess stuff like that up.

Tonightfor instense. We are on vacation in a tropical climate and we are staying on something that’s canal-like. Ya know, it might actually be a canal.
And my family was on the balcany. I went out to join them and they were watching something in the water. I watched it too and we were possitive that there was a manatee! It looked like one and they aren’t unheard of in this part. The head was above the water and it was swimming around. We went down to the ground and as close as we could get to it, reminding each other not to scare it, whispering, and taking pictures. We stood and watched it, fascinated, wondering if that’s what it REALLY was or if it was something else.

Then I figured it out. It looked just like the coconut I had seen earlier when taking a walk. Our “manatee” was a coconut.

Just to be fair though…it DID look like a manatee.


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