I’m a writer, right? Well I better be because whenever I try to write right I almost write right. I mean I almost write write. That is confusing. Right?

But every writer has to start somewhere? Where did I start? Oh this is interesting.

When I was in second grade, a made a story about Winnie the Pooh, during school hours, while glueing pieces of paper together. I bet my teacher loved that!
But it dates back further. When I was little I wrote a darling little story (well dictated the words for) about my family where I had way more siblings and pets. My mother was pregnant with my sister, so one page says, “This is mommy’s tummy. There’s a baby inside!” And I finished the lovely page with a hand-drawn picture of my mother’s stomach.

A few years later I try again. I decided to write a diary about a princess. **this is embarrassing**

So the first entry says:

“This kingdom expects so much from me! What will they want next? For me to marry prince charming?”

The second one:

“Somebody just called me a barnacle! Whatever is what I say to that.”

I can very, very glady say that I’ve improved since then. :D

Do you have anything like this lying around your house? How did you start writing?

~Natalie Noel~

Sorry this wasn’t the best post ever! But just to be fair, I’ve had an awful cold and have been slightly doped up on pain medicine.


One thought on “Well….

  1. Haha, love the part about the barnacle. At least you spelled it right, I had some trouble with it just now (:

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