Book Help

Okay, people, I think the title is self-explanitory.:)

I have a habbit of thinking too broadly when it comes to writing, so I ask people generally wwhen that happens, to help narrow things.
So for Campnanowrimo in April, I will be writing Conspiracy, a book about a futuristic terrorist attack. But there’s a lot more than “terrorists” behind it, but I need to work it out more.
So how do you imagine America in about fourty years? Do you imagine it as more advanced or declining? Do you think the government will be less or more involved? How so?

So far all I have is……

*There’s going to be cameras in TVs so the government can keep an eye on people

If you can answer that, it’ll help so much. (Anything in the comments I am automatically assuming I can use in a book.)

So I’m wanting to finish Saving Ember by the end of March. Which means I probably should write tonight as much as I can, before I climb into bed (which I’d much rather do.).

If you have any questions like mine, feel free to post in the comments, and I’ll answer.

~Natalie Noel~


6 thoughts on “Book Help

  1. I really like dystopian books with societies that look really spotless on the outside but are really dirty when you take a closer look: poverty, pepole taking drastic measures, etc. Hope that helped. :)

  2. I love dystopian books as well. I feel like technology will be hugely advanced, and there will be the extremely wealthy, and the super poor. I don’t think we will have a defined middle class, slightly like India.

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