Saving Ember

So a while be I had an idea where a girl would get stuck on a life boat with a bunch of guys.

Well the idea evolved.

Because that would’ve been really boring to write about being on a life boat, the climax the only thing off of it.

So Dylan Ember No Last Name, a bratty girl, turned into Melody Ember Carmichael, the strong, protective heroine of Saving Ember.

This book has been so much fun to write. Like. SO. Fun.
That snippet of an idea turned into a family living in a country where they can do whatever they want to them. That’s why Melody is dying (that’s not even a spoiler really.)
So Saaving Ember is how the Carmichael family is trying to save their daughter and sister.

So, yes, this is short, but it’s the first peak you can get about my current project….Oh! And if you look in the “Writing” folder, there might be more.

What do you think?

~Natalie Noel~


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