I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while…so…..

I’ve been wanting to give you a list of my ten favorite Christian songs, books, websites, and movies. Because I know that these can be hard things to find sometimes. So here you go!


1.) Need you Now-Plumb (Awesome song, one of my favorites)
2.) Here I am to Worship- by various artists (I might learn to play the chords to this song in piano, sometime in the somewhat new future
3.)Born for This- Mandisa (If you don’t know the story behind this you might find it as a non-Christian song, but it’s about Esther, it’s definitely one of my favorite songs!)
4.) Captivate Us- Watermark (this is beautiful.I would suggest it to any Christian!)
5.)Have Your Way- Britt Nicole (I listen to this song when I’m sad a lot.)
6.)I’m with you (Ruth and Naomi)-Nichole Nordeman and Amy Grant (about Ruth and Naomi)
7.) Our God- Chris Tomlin
8.) The Sun is Rising- Britt Nicole
9.) Wait for Me-Rebecca St. James (a song about waiting for your husband)
10.) What do I know of holy-Addison Road


1.) The O’Malley series- Dee Henderson (best series ever in my opinion)
2.) Charmed Life Series- Jenny B. Jones (these aren’t extremely religous, but they talk about God a bit; the books are mysteries and hilarious)
3.) Katie Parker Production series- Jenny B.Jones
4.) Christy Miller Series- Robin Jones Gunn (don’t read this unless you are twelve and older. They aren’t bad, but they’re more aimed for teens
5.) Circle C. Ranch Series- Susan K. Marlow (they might be young for some people, but they’re still good!)
6.) Esther in the Bible- not sure who wrote it, but of course inspired by God (this book is an easy, entertaining, suspensful read.)
7.) Ruth from the Bible
8.) Set Apart Femininity- Leslie Ludy (Life changing; don’t read it unless you are a teenager. It’s appropriate,but for teens, and hits hard topics bluntly)
9.) Miracles- Karen Kingsbury (Will make you shiver,so amazing!)
10.) Rachel’s Tears (about Rachel Scott the martyr)


1.) Project Inspired (I seriously love this website!)
2.) Real Teen Faith, now the Mutiny (it’s changed, but it’s still pretty good!)
3.) Go Teen Writer’s (For all of you writer’s)
4.) http://www.Rachelcoker.wordpress.com (for you writers)
5.) http://www.paulinaczarnecki.wordpress.com (yes, YOU, Paulina :D lol)
6.) http://www.haleematthews.com (for any of you who like Christian phsychology, like me)
7.) http://www.annaschaeffer.wordpress.com (I would recommend her blog to anyone, it’s great!)
8.) http://www.authorfun.wordpress.com (this is a group blog I am part of. It’s kind of stopping,but if we get some followers, we’ll start again!)
9.) http://www.thoughtsofashieldmaiden.wordpress.com
10.) http://www.hushashleyspeaks.blogspot.com


1.) October Baby- PG-13, but clean
2.) Courageous-PG-13, I think, but clean. It might be PG.
3.) Soul Surfer- PG
4.) Christmas Shoes-PG or G I’m not sure (not really a Christian movie, but it’s touching.)
5.) Fireproof-PG-13 (I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard it’s great
6.) Facing the Giants- IDK (Same as above.)

That’s all I can think of!

If you can think of anything else, add it in the comments.

~Natalie Noel~


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