Untitled Post

Yup. This one is named Untitled post, because I’m not sure what to call it. I miss blogging! But my computer’s spammed or something. But I have something real to share with you. I just read this from the Protector by Dee Henderson. I would suggest the book to anyone! But these paragraphs really got my attention.

Jesus had won. And in the last year Cassie had met Him. Not the soft Jesus that a commercialized Christmas conveyed, but a Jesus so comfortable and secure in His authority He’d come to confront Satan on his own turf.
Jesus had chosen to lay aside the trappings of power that were His right and come humble and approachable, a servent. Man saw it as weakness; Jesus did it from strength. He had arrived with nothing to prove but His Father’s love.

I found this all amazing! Beautiful.
I think that a lot of time, us as Christians, don’t let God’s real power sink in. Okay, let me speak for myself. I don’t let God’s real power sink in. I simply say, look at the top. Jesus was a baby, Jesus died on the cross, I am going to heaven. Do you guys do that too?

Speaking to me, and anyone else who has ever thought of things that way, there is so much more to it than that! It’s this amazing, beautiful, supernatural thing that God did! God came down meek, in strength, unto to Satan’s turf. That Baby in a manger is going to knock out sin once and for all! And no this isn’t a Christmas post. It’s something that I realized is beautiful and wonderful.

Any more thoughts to this?


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