And time goes where???

A long time ago (okay only 2 years) I was 11. And what’s so special about that? When I was eleven, I started writing my first real book by myself. The main character was fourteen. She seemed SO old then. Like so old.
And now it’s October 2012. My third year of volleyball is almost over. Today was my last real practice. Tomorrow I have a game. Wednesday, nothing, Thursday a practice ran by our awesome seniors, and Friday something for senior night. On Saturday it’s something special for the team. Monday, two games, and Tuesday, our last game and senior night. And pop. I get pop on next Tuesday night!! :D So basically it’s over. Hardly anymore time at all.
Then November! Which is Nanowrimo! Which I’m so excited/nervous for. And Thanksgiving’s in there! The Jr. High and HS has been working on an awesome skit for the program on the ninth. And plus two close friends’ birthday’s are in there. Emily’s turning fourteen and Shelby’s turning seventeen.
Then December. And this is the main reason of this post. I’m turning fourteen. The age of my first major personal character. Holy cow. That foreign age is almost ME!
Soon it’s going to be 2013! I’ll be in 9th grade in August of that year! Which is good and bad, but mostly bad. It means more homework and not as much time to teach the little kids. Also in ministry team we are losing our main alto. Which means that it’s up to me and two other girls to carry it. And we aren’t near as loud. But on the upside, I’ll have more privilages! And I’ll get to be an example to the new seventh grader’s coming in (one of who is a good friend of mine! :D).

My goal? To be there for people. I want to be known as nice, sweet, fun, and realiable. I want to send my manuscript to a publisher by the time I’m 15 (December 29, 2013!), and I want to grow closer to God.

~Natalie Noel~


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