Teen Read Week

Hey guys! I’m excited to say that I’m taking part in Teen Read Week, hosted by Sarah Faulkner (www.inklinedwriter.blogspot.com ).
My post was scheduled for 2:00, and I had it all typed up, but my computer got rid of it, so I hope you don’t mind it being a little bit late.
Make sure that you check out all of the blogs that are posting today and for the rest of the week. Here’s the schedule:
Sunday, Oct. 14
10:00—The Life of a Teenage Writer
12:00—Candy Apple Books
2:00—Indiana Writer Blog
4:00—Paulina Czarnecki
6:00—The Writer’s Way

For those of you who aren’t already followers of my blog, here’s some information that you might like to know.
My name’s Natalie Noel. I’m a thirteen-year-old from Indiana. I love to write, but besides that I play volleyball and like to teach. You can usually find me outside on the trampoline or four-wheeler, or in front of my computer. I’m a Fundamental Baptist Christian, and over all, love life!
Indiana Writer Blog is about my writing. Everything you find on here, will be clean and original. Most of my posts are about me, my writing, and random lessons that I learn during my life. (:

Now on to the exciting part. I’m going to review the book Waterfall, by Lisa T. Bergren, from the series River of Time.

Gabi and Lia seem lucky to all their friends. They get to go to Italy each year! But they think the total opposite. The only reason that they’re going is because their parents are archeologists, which means that they have hardly any time for them.
This summer, the parents are going to explore some new-found and bought tombs. Gabi and Lia go inside them, knowing that they shouldn’t. Gabi touches the wall, to find surprisingly that it was…hot. Before they can think straight the girls are hurdling through time, ending in medieval times.
Gabi can’t make sense of it. Of course it has to be a dream! Time travel’s impossible. The only good part about it, is that there’s a cute night. Gabi figures it’d be nice to get a kiss from him, then wake up.
But after a week passes, she knows that a dream can’t last this long. So many questions are in her head, the most important being, where’s Lia? Lia wasn’t with her. Had she made it to the era too, or was she lost in some other century?
Marcello, the good-looking night, has so many people looking for Lia, and she’s found in the worst place possible. If things don’t go just right, she will be tortured, then killed.
On the quest to rescue Lia, Gabi is hurt, but thankfully she heals. With Lia back, everything seems okay. Will Gabi now be looked at as a threat? It was not normal for a girl to sword-fight. A race back to her own time period may be the only thing that can save her life.

I definitely suggest reading this book to anyone who is twelve or older! It was very good. To me, it was depressing to put down, because it felt like you were living every second of it.
I hope you enjoyed my post. Now go check out the others! (:

~Natalie Noel~


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