Sorry I haven’t been on my blog lately, but honestly, I’ve found something that has been working better. Instagram. With volleyball and school it’s easier for me to get on an Iphone and do it that way. But I promise I’ll try to stay updated with you guys still! :) By the way, if you want to follow me on instragram (I LOVE followers on both my blog and Instagram ;) ) my username is writergal123. I have my book (what I’ve written so far) posted on there, along with a lot of pics of me, my life, and my family.

But I wanted to give you a full update. :)

I’ll start with school. It’s been GREAT! I got my progress report Wednesday. My lowest grade so far is a 96% (prealgabra). The rest are 97’s, 98’s, and 100’s. I was pretty excited with that! I even have a 98 in science, which I had a B in all last year.

Writing. That’s been great too!! I am done with my forward and chapter one and have a very strong start on chapter 2. Some people reading my book have sent me some VERY nice comments that’s been encouraging. I’ve even started to email with Jess, another Instagramer. I think I have about 22 pages in my book right now. If you’d like to read it, follow me on Instagram, or comment, and I’ll add you to my email chain. :) Maybe.

Volleyball! Has been pretty good. It’s not a winning season yet. But it’s been fun, and I have amazing friends on the team! :)

On the down side….:/ I can’t find my Iphone!!! Like anywhere. I’ve looked in every logical place, but very soon I’m going to start loooking in the unlogical places….. I also lost a necklace that means a lot to me. :/

And what else has kept me off of WordPress? Mission’s conference, which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vacation. And…being on my mom’s iPhone for hours. -.-

Well I have a lot of ideas for “intelligant-blog posts”, so hopefully I’ll get to those soon!



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