Are you ready?

What they said scared me. The reason that it scared me the most was because deep down I knew it was true.
I had heard my grandma talk about it before, and now my teacher, and some other kids at school.
“If we get a certain guy elected this year, America will never be the same,” my teacher said. He continues to say, “I mean the country will never be the same as it is, unless same major things change. I mean we are millions-.”
“Trillions,” a student corrects.
“Dollars in debt. We will never be able to repay that. Ever. Soon we will probably be overtaken. Because very soon, because of how the army isn’t being allowed to do what they need to do, China will attack America and win.”
One of his students nods. “Yup. I believe it will happen too, because America was never mentioned in the end times in the Bible.”
The teacher nods. “Yeah. And what’s one thing that America has had, since the founding? I mean not that it was a Christian country, but the one thing that even people who weren’t Christians have? Moral standards. Do we have those today?”
We are in the end times. I don’t know what that means for sure. We could be raptured out tonight, or in 1,000 years, but just the same, we are in the end times. God’s told us the signs, and the signs are here? Are you ready? Christians, are you ready to meet God? Or are you going to have to come before Him empty handed? People who aren’t Christians? Are you ready to face the tribulation and ultimately hell? No, you’re not! Please! If you have any questions on how to be saved email me at I will reply quickly, and I won’t preach, I promise. You just need to know the facts. Because no one is ready to face that.
But in the mean time? Guys, maybe we won’t be raptured out for a thousand years. What happens then? America will be gone in less than a hundred years. Dictatorship, probably. We’re only a step or two away from that? Are you ready? Are you ready to face this?
The good news is, we won’t have to do it by ourselves, because God will never leave us! If you’re a Christian that is. Now let’s work on our Christian lives while it’s easy. Let’s get strong in our faith while we don’t have someone trying to kill us for our faith. Let’s erase the doubts of ourselves and other people.

Are you with me? It won’t be easy.


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