What are we doing?

Today I got a really big compliment. I was talking to first grader, Stevie, and all of the sudden she says, “I like you!”
I am honored to have earned such a little girl’s respect! I responded by saying, “Well you’re one of my favorite little girls.” Before I left, I grabbed her hand, and she spun around. I said bye, and she gave me a hug.
But it has me thinking. Because I know a bunch of little girls. These are the ones that I work most with/see the most. Bethany, Jenna, Tallie, Mo, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Stevie, Sammie, Sierra, Grace, Kaylee, Reece, and Camyron. I really do feel like I’ve earned respect from them. Mainly because every time that I see them, they want to give me hug. So I know that I’m at least liked by them. Which is a huge responsiblity in itself.


Well if you’re listening to a bad song, turned up all the way, and they hear it, what are they going to think?

“Oh! Well (fill in your name here) was listening to it. I can do it too, right?!”

Or if you have respect of persons…..

“Oh, well (same as above) thinks that you’re only a good person if you buy clothes from this store!” (I don’t think that way with stores. I promise!)

Or if you say a word that you shouldn’t say. (Like the other day, I was next to a little girl on a ride, and I say “crap!” without thinking about it. I regretted it right away, because I knew I shouldn’t have said it.)

“Oh, well (you know what to put in!) says it!”

Not only can they use it as an excuse, they’ll use it as a “go ahead and do it”.

But it works the other way too.

If you do something good they’ll say:

“Oh, okay well if they do that, and I want to be like them, I’m going to do it!”

My grandma made a very good point a couple of hours earlier. Little kids aren’t going to be too concerned about pleasing God (in most cases) when they’re young. But they WILL get role models. And if they see us behaving well, one day, you’ll get the chance to hear them say, “well, Miss Natalie (in my case.), why are you so nice? Why do you do good things? What makes you different?”

We are in charge of shaping the next generation. Do you have ary kids that you get to be around every day? Any other thoughts to add to this?



2 thoughts on “What are we doing?

  1. What a great reminder! And it’s so true; we’ve ALWAYS got eyes watching us, whether they’re younger siblings, other kids, or people trying to figure out what’s different about us :)

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