Tick tock…tick tock….

It’s 12:04. *chews nails* Nanowrimo starts in two days *chews nails some more* I need to sleep. But I’m not tired. Having part of my mom’s monster drink really did seem like a good idea earlier….


Anyways I’m scared of starting my book again! It’s blank! Everything’s blank. Nothing is writen down. But tonight I came across this.

“The scariest moment is always right before you start”-Stephen King

So I guess what I need to do is write that first sentence. Then the second. Because if that quote is true, I should be fine unless I DON’T start. Does anyone else get nervous before starting a book?! How do you deal with it?

~Natalie Noel


8 thoughts on “Tick tock…tick tock….

  1. I stress over the first sentence every time!! D: But eventually I convince myself, “You can always change it!” and just start writing. :) You just have to remember that!

      • I’m glad you think so! :) I’m going to fit in your email sometime soon; I’ve only read it and laughed. :P
        Nope, no Nanowrimo for me. :D I’ve never done it before, but I know if I can’t write a book in three years there’s no way I could manage in a month. *sigh*

      • Haha it’s helping me! :D haha well you read it and laughed XD should I be scared?
        And nothing wrong with that! :D :D :D :D (no, not overlly happy at all. I got up at 8 and it’s 11 so I have an excuse…..HAHAHA)


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