it’s 10:39…and….



I have soooooo much to do. Um tonight….

1) do devotions (i’ve been slacking off :'()

2) Hang up my progress board. If you want to know what that is, go to Sarah’s blog, at It’s a really cool blog! :)

3) start my character binder. What that is a binder full of info on characters! I’m excited for that, because I know so much about them. You can make it anything. Pictures, fake certificates, letters (er, emails?) they wrote.

4) write. (do I have to explain what to do?! ;) ) I’m not sure if I’ll meet that 10 page goal….but I did run!


Before August 1st

1) do devotions

2) work on decorating progress board :D

3) clean my room

4) work on character binder

5) organize my room

6) work on finding people for the One Lovely Blog Award (so far I’ve got 4.)

7) mail letters to pen pals

8) try to get closer to God.


Oh yes! And of course, keep you updated on my life, and give you the best advice and challanges that I can :D


Wish me luck (wow, this coming from the girl who doesn’t believe in luck?! I’ll get to that sometime…:D).





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