Watching the Olympics?

So are you? Most people who do, look at tha athletes and go, oh, I wish I could do that. I wish I was in that good of shape. I wish I could do something like that with my life.


I even found myself going down those lines a bit. But at that point, you need to remind yourself that those people didn’t wake up like that. It took HARD work. SLEEPLESS nights. Sweat. Blood. Pain. Tears.


Now personally, I am not interested interested in sports. I love volleyball and do cheerleading, but I’m just not interested in sports. I don’t plan on doing them out of high school (although if you tell my to quiet WHILE I’m in high school, you’d hear something different :D). Me? I want to write. Writing is like an Olympic procsess too. You don’t simply decide one day, I want to write a book, write a manuscript, then send it off, and make $1,000,000.


It takes hardwork-YES! It takes settting goals, and pushing through writer’s block. Which is harder than it sounds.

Sleepless nights- that depends on how much time in the day you have to write!

Sweat-unless just typing on your computer makes you sweat….probably not.

Blood-if your book takes your literal blood, I suggest you stop!

Pain- Inner pain a lot. Because your character become like friends. Then the next thing you know, you put them into horrible situations and stuff like that.

Tears-if you write good sad scenes, it’s going to take your tears too!


So I encourage you now. Instead of sitting your computer or mobile device and thinking, well I don’t have time….. I wish I did…but-. STOP IT!!!! You’re never going to have time for anything! That’s why you have to MAKE the time. So turn of your computer and make a goal to hit today. Maybe your going to work on perfecting your spike (that’s in volleyball just in case you don’t know. It’s called a kill in some places. Before I’ve said “I want to work on my kill!”. haha), or work on your hitting average (baseball), or your butterfly stroke (swimming.). Or take it the creative route. Write 5 pages tonight. Outline your chapter. Draw something! Work on perfecting a song.


Now I promise I will practice what I preach. My goal tonight is to run (for volleyball!) and to write 10 pages (a BIG goal for me.).


Remember that it’s not a dream if it’s right in front of your face!




Oh! Two more things. Check out for my guest post on Paulina Czarnecki’s blog!


And! If you know of any magazines or publishing companies that accept young teens?! If you do, please comment, because my friend and I are looking for some. Thanks!




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