A New Point of View.

This is what I was missing with that net in the way! :)



I was mad. Then I loved it.





My brother and sister knocked it down. Our soccer net. The net that I loved to kick a bunch of balls into. I was mad, that they would do that. But my brother changed my point of view. He said, “Natalie, look through it. It’s like a picture frame.” A picture frame. That held the prettiest picture. That told what Indiana was. So now I love it, because honestly, I’ve never scene it like that before. I’ve only scene a beat up old soccer net, but once the net was torn down, I saw something beautiful.


That’s the same thing with a situation that happened earlier today. Wal-Mart was soooo busy, that we were all in a bad mood. Mom sent us out to the car, because the baby was getting restless. My sister didn’t turn the car on all the way, so the batttery drained. So we had to call my mom’s friend to jump-start the car. I was mad, and praying, trying to use my confidence that I had learned about in my devotions. Then spiritual reality hit me. If God wasn’t going to start the car, there had to be danger he was trying to keep us from. Maybe the accident didn’t happen, but maybe if we were in the place at the right time, we would’ve been injured. God saves our lives so many times, so we should remember that as trials hit us. Sometimes you can’t see the whole thing even. You just have to hand it over to God, and trust that there’s a beautiful picture behind it.


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