Tonight I am still reading about confidence in my devotional. I have about one and a half more pages till I go unto faithfulness. Confidence is hard, because the kind of confidence I’m talking about, is in Christ. Not in myself. It’s easy for me to put confidence in myself because I know that I’m nice and have huge dreams of being a writer. But confidence in my God! That’s a new story. Confidence to not live life in fear. Confidence to stand up to anyone, in the love of God. That’s the kind of confidence that I want. I want to help people, out of God’s love.

I am reading some more books too for my devotional. Another topic I’m on is Getting into the Word. I’m almost done with that one too. But if most teens admit it, are you REALLY reading your Bible every day? I’ll admit it. I wasn’t. But now I’m going to.

I’m reading a miracle book too. It’s pretty amazing!! I read the first two stories in it. And these are REAL miracles. Not just little things.

I’m also reading A Prisoner and Yet, by Corrie ten Boom. What an amazing woman. If you haven’t read her books yet I strongly suggest it.

And of course, there’s the Bible. I read Psalms 1, 2 tonight. And I turned my regular journal into a prayer journal. This is my devotions now. And I plan on doing them every night, and I really do plan on getting closer to Jesus Christ! I told Him the other night, that if He gave me the desire to serve Him I would. He did His part. Now it’s my turn to follow through. But like it says in Exodus (uh, Genesis maybe, actually I think) God and Abraham made a deal. But God didn’t let Abraham walk through the blood (I think it was blood but can’t remember) because only God can keep the deal. So God kept His part, now I will have to rely on Him, to help me get through.

Natalie Noel


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