A Look Into My Life :D If You dare….

Ok, fellow friends and followers! I decided that it’s about time that I tell you more abou twho I am.

1) I’m a Christian, but need to grow more in Christ

2) I get along with both of my parents and all three siblings even though I fight with all of my family members like crazy sometimes

3) I LOVE school!! Even though it can be emotionally tough, I love it :)

4) If you want to talk to me, skip the basic conversations because I will not enjoy the conversation.

5) I am strictly me! No one else. I have a different personality than most people, but if you don’t like it, leave me alone! My best friend has put all a LOT effort into understanding me, so that’s why I am her best friend :)

6) I once camped out on the dining room table with my cousin. :D

7) I don’t like to babysit, but I love to teach kids in an organized classroom.

8)  I am NOT organized at all. Not in my room or my brain.

9) If I don’t wanna hang out, I’m too busy hanging out with my characters  ;) If you are an author, you’d get it.

10) I am now off to do my devotions! Tonight its on confidence!! :)



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