Swimming In Lake Michigan

So we drove to Lake Michigan yesterday. We didn’t get there till about 7 that night, but I haven’t had so much fun in a long time!

My mom and I, went out deep, like 15-20 feet deep, and were pushing each other to the bottom. It was soooo much fun! I conquerd some fears too. I went out before, at about 5″8 so I only couldn’t touch by about two inches, and it scared me half to death. But later I had 5-10 feet under me, and didn’t care at all! We almost got caught in a current though, and I got short-breathed, so we went back.

I decided on some things that I want to do though while I’m a teenager or young adult.


1) watch fireworks on the beach (like real fireworks).

2) Jet skiing

3) Paragliding

4) parasailing

5) I want to get married (assuming that God has that in store for me. And at a right age of course.)


But I’m learning that with God, I don’t need to be scared. And that life is too short, to waste it away! What do you wanna do in your teen years?




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