So one topic, that I don’t like to talk about at all, but that I find I use a lot is music. I don’t like to talk about it, because you can only talk for like two minutes, by saying oh I like this song, and this artist. (Of course there’s always this one time when you and your cousin are in the basement talking about stalking Taylor Swift {you decide if we were joking or not ;)}) So let’s make this a little more interesting.

Well in my opinion, there’s more than  one type of song to listen too. There’s the motivation type songs, the concentration type songs, and the trying to sleep like songs.

Motivation type songs are usually louder and have a beat to them. Some motivation type songs would be the following:

Should’ve said no, is  a good motivation song, because of it’s beat. (

Unwritten is another good song, because it shows you that there’s still a blank page. (

Welcome to the show is another good one, because of it’s awesome beat! (

Okay so concentration type songs are usually slower and quieter.

White Horse is a good one, because it has a soft beat (

I need sounds on at night, because we have a ton of creaks and it FREAKS ME OUT because of all the break ins.

I listen to songs like this at night ( leave the links of your favorite songs, and I might just listen to them! :)





6 thoughts on “Music!

  1. Ahh, you put Unwritten on there!! :D I don’t listen to it much, but I still love it when it comes on my phone. (I have the Pandora app, which I use instead of buying songs.)
    I hate it when someone asks me what kind of music I listen to . . . there’s always this awkward pause because I don’t want to admit that I listen to pop! :)

    • Haha that’s kinda funny! :) Yeah, when people ask me, it’s like you REALLY wanna here the whole list? Thanks for critiquing by the way. I hate writing short stories. Like literally hate it, but they’re the easiest to get published :D

      • I’m just like, “Umm, you don’t really care, sooo…” Haha, I listen to stuff that most people haven’t heard of, so it doesn’t really matter if I answer or not! :D You’re welcome! I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job; it was past midnight and I was EXHAUSTED! :O

      • I do too. because I listen to a lot of modern Christian, which is big in the North for only some people. So I’ll be like um…
        Haha it’s fine! :D You def helped me edit at least a little. I critiqued yours. Did you see that?

  2. I listen to a lot of different music… I like rap (clean of course) country, rock and pop. :) It’s weird because rap and country are like polar opposites.. :) Lose Yourself by Eminem is good up to the 2nd verse :) and I love Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean.

    • Haha same here! I don’t like rap. But I am obsessed with country. Usually I listen to Christian and Taylor Swift. I also like the Payphone cover by Tyler Ward and Katy McAllister. :)

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