So scared

Well of course I’m scared. What 13 year old girl, wouldn’t be, after having the police out here twice in one week to check for people roaming around in your house or yard?

We are taking procations. Pulling the drapes, locking the door, but I’m so scared. Nothing’s been determined. Whether people were hear or not. But still. My heart is beating harder than normal, and I’m going to sleep with my earbuds sounding music, so I don’t have to hear the creeks around our house.

God is here though, and He told me to trust Him. Trust Him through my mom’s sickness. Trust Him through the people being around our house. Trust Him in everything. So tonight as I lay down to go to bed, I can rest on the fact that I’m not alone. God, stronger than any police man or bad guy, is right next to me, watching out.

Thank You, Lord! I know that You’ll never leave me nor forsake me. I’m going to try not to complain through these trials, but be with my mom. Let her get better and be up on her feet in the next couple of days. And don’t let anyone hurt us. Help me to remember that You have a bigger plan. Thank You for teaching me to work. Thank You for not letting me be home all alone today when the person tried to break in. Help me to stay close to you.


I guess this post is more for me, because my heart is settled at least a little bit more.

~Natalie Noel

P.S.- I was tagging the post when on my Ipod, the song Our God come on. Just in case you don’t know it, the lyrics are “Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other, Our God is a healer, awesome in power our God, our God.


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