Playing House

My mom has been pretty sick for about the last four days. So my grandma and I are in charge. And mom’s have a bigger role than you think. Especially mine. She has to keep the house up, take care of four kids (one who is a baby and not a very…er…calm baby), get up with the baby at night, tell us kids when to do our jobs, give us all attention, and sometimes she even has school on top of that (she is taking collage classes). And on top of that? She keeps her sweet sweet sweet temperment (and believe me, all of us kids can not be the best).

The first day that my grandma (my dad is on a business trip by the way) and I were in charge, I kind of lost it at the end of the day. I was very disrespectful to my grandma, and promised to do better the next day.

So I did. I did everything that needed to be done, with a sweet attitude (as sweet as I could muster up).

Then yesterday. The baby was with my grandma and grandpa for a couple of hours, but when he got back, my siblings and I took charge, since my grandma wasn’t there. We watched him for a couple of hours, then we found out that my mom would have to go to the ER. As you can imagine, it was really scary. My little sister started crying so we all prayed. My grandpa told me that night that he was really impressed on how I did all the work. I made dinner, watched the kids most of the time, put the baby to bed, and settled the other kids.

Even though it was a scary situation (she’s home now, but still sick) I was glad to learn that I could play house when I needed to. I can play house, and be the mom, when I have to, but I still can’t wait for my mom to be back on her feet. Through this, I have learned to be calm, to take care of the kids, and run the house.


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