It’s just a dream….

Oh you think? Well your right. If you think it’s just a dream, you’re right.

But if you find the reality of the dream, guess what? IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!!!!!!

My dream is my reality. I wanna be an author? No, I am an author. I’ve worked to get where I am, and I’m going to get farther. I’m not going to give up, because if I say it’s just a dream, or my dream is….I’ll have to start over, because that confidence will be gone. My reality is right here, right now, and I’m living the dream. I’m an author in Indiana. I have the best family, the best friend, the best (and only!!!) God, and I AM an author. So what else is there to want?

Sure, there’s more coming in the future, but a dream can be your reality, you just have to figure out how. Do what you love, and try to get people to support you and that’s all you need.

The key is to start small, and get big.

Best of luck to all of you out there, and remember. It’s not just a dream. It’s your reality.


5 thoughts on “It’s just a dream….

  1. writing is writing writing writing :) close your eyes, look at a blank screen… now open your eyes – let your fingers populate that blank screen with words! NO! not something you are thinking, let your fingers do it automatically… this is a great exercise. it teaches you to relax, some writers get too stressed…

    remember your fingers, not your brain :)

    let me know what happens….

    David in Maine USA

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