Sunshine Through Rain

This is one of my books. (page 1) Five likes and I will post more. This is mine though, so DON’T take it.


Chapter One


“Faith,” my pastor said gently to me. “What’s your home-life like? I’ve never met your parents.”

I wanted to tell him the truth. I wanted to tell him that my father had hit me, but I couldn’t. I could tell that he was staring at the bruise on my face.

“Oh. My mother is a-an author, and my father is an architect….” I knew what question was next.

“What happened?” He was still staring at my face.

“Um…. I…I fell out of my bed this morning.” I hoped that I didn’t sound as much of a liar as I felt.

He obviously didn’t believe it. “If you tell someone, we can help. We can take you to a foster family, or you can be adopted by someone. You can’t keep this in.”

I shook my head, fighting back tears. I was way to emotional. Everything made me cry.

His eyes caught mine, and I quickly looked down.

“Talk to somebody.” By the tone of his voice I could tell that it wasn’t a suggestion. Still, I could choose to listen to him or not.

I caught a glimpse of the clock out of the corner of my eye. I had to get back home! I had told my dad that I was going to grandmas, and would be home at eight. The Wednesday night service had been an hour long, and now that I was talking to the pastor, it was almost eight.

“I-I have to go.” I tried to hide how nervous I was, but I knew that he could see right through me.


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