This is one of my poems. Everyone who has read it, has really liked it so far, so I hope that you do too!! :)


A distant spark fades away,

Reminding us how not all dreams are  good.

That some need to be locked away,

Never to be seen again.

A new spark comes alive,

Reminding us that we have a purpose.

A God-given purpose,

That is meant to be used for Him.

Two sparks split the road,

Reminding us that there are decisions to be made.

Life seems like it will end.

We don’t know what’s right.

One spark gets bigger,

Reminding us that God will tell us where to go.

Our life goes back on track,

As we seem to forget God again.

More sparks appear,

Reminding us that we can’t do life on our own.

Slowly like a baby we learn Who to trust.

Then we fall in love with the One and Only, God.

All the sparks disappear,

Reminding us that only One thing matters.

We set our eyes on God,

And let Him lead us home.


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