Writing Contest

Hey! I have a contest for you guys!

A fiction writing contest.

Make sure that it is TOTALLY appropriate, so it wouldn’t offend anyone. No immorality, ghost-like things, bad words, or religous things that would offend people (I will excpet mild religious things).

The story needs to be between 500-4,000 words.

Once you send it in, I’m going to critique it and send it back. And if I am considering posting it on here, I will tell you.

There may be multiple winners, depending on how many enteries I get.

The dead line to turn them in is July 1st. I will get your critique back by July 10th. The official stories will be posted on July 25th!

Email your stories to indianawriterblog@yahoo.com. (If that email doesn’t work for some reason, tell me in the comments).

My rights: I have writes to edit, and post this stories on my three blogs (www.authorfun.wordpress.com, www.loveforcheerandvolleyball.wordpress.com, and www.indianawriterblog.wordpress.com. {check them out!!!}).

Your Rights: To tell me if you don’t like the edits I’ve made, and to get full credit for the story.

Tell all your friends who would be interested!!!

Ok! Well go get started!! :) If you have any questions comment or email!



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