Here’s a Game!! :)

Ok! Guess what movies these songs are from. Whoever gets the most write, I will make you an awesome name thing and post it on the sit, that way you can copy and past and have it then! :)

Ok! Start answering.

1.) “Animal Crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabits lope the lope…”

2.) “Bet ya she reads, bet ya she sews, maybe she’s made me a closet of clothes.”

3.) “I’m just like you! You’re just like me, it’s something everyone can see!”

4.) “Can you feel this magic in the air, must of been the way you kissed me….”

5.) “Here, he comes with all his friends, they got stories and fun to share with you!”

6.) “Maybe I need you  baby…after all!”

7.) “We were made to be couragous! We were made to lead the way!”

8.) “It’s your life what you gonna do!? The world is watching you…!”

9.) “And I’ll be everything, that I wanna be, I am confident in security.”

10.) “Fabulous that is my simple request, all things fabulous, bigger and better than best!”


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