Don’t let my title scare you too much. Don’t worry we won’t get too much into math!

So what percentages are needed to make a perfect book in your opinion?! In mine, there needs to be:

25% action

10% romance

10% mystery

10% hangoffs (I loveee doing those.)


10% sad things

5% of care free things

5% of description

What is in your opinion the perfect book?! Pleaseeeee comment!!! :)



5 thoughts on “Percentages!

  1. This is how I write (more or less. It’s kinda hard to translate words into numbers :D)
    50% action
    30% love (boy-girl or just friendship)
    10% drama
    5% mystery/planning/problem solving
    and 5% of all those random things you just throw in: twists and turns and unexpected little surprises.
    That’s my formula :)

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