A New Voice

To me, I voice everything through my books. I work out my frustrations a lot. My Grandma is one of my biggest fans, and she even said that she could see my frustration in one of my books. Also if I am lonely I might have a scene with my characters best friends or boyfriend, or make her lonely too.

I’ve heard before that you aren’t suppossed to write about things that happen to yourself. Well I do, and nobody has ever complained about it or said that it makes my book any worse.

I think that it all depends on how you like to write. I mean, of course my characters are their own selves, but in my opinion, you need to know them almost as good as you know youself.

For example. Mymain character, Jessica Johanson, loves to sing. You wonder where that came from? She has what I used to wish for. A bunch of friends, popularity, and singing, dancing, and acting talent. (but hey, i’d much prefer to write about it, instead of being in it.).

To me, it’s my new voice. It’s a way to voice what I believe, feel, and love.

Well now you know my secret. :)

Do any of you have opinions on this? Do you do this at all in any of your books?


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