Through the past couple of years I’ve had the best memories with the best of friends. :)

Like with my friend Kyla. I posted a picture of toast and said it’s an inside joke all because of her. :) or even the other day when I said “well maybe he should get struck in the eye with lightening. Just kidding.” And she replied, “well he’d have to go to the dentist then!” or when we were sitting sitting outside and all of the sudden she goes “I feel Amish.” Probably was because I was in my sweatclothes, and her a dress. :) We’ve had the best memories and I love her sooo much! We slept on the table the other night. Yup. The dining room table. :) It was…great. but really. It was SO much fun. When we were younger, we even had this whole fight about hitting her in the head with a baseball bat.

Bekah is the girl that I write with. We have head the best writing memories and written some pretty good books!! One time in the middle of the night a stick horse fell down behind her bed and we both screamed and were terrified (figures that we were talking about scary book characters who we like to call scarecters). A couple of minutes later her dad walked in and said, “Is everything alright?” Or another night at youth group we were on the floor and we thought we heard her dad say “oh no! There’s a runaway sausage!” and we laughed sooo hard.

And there’s Abby. She’s the girl who I will stay up with FOREVER talking to. I pour my heart out to her. She gets to hear the deepest things that I have and she is NEVER judgmental. But we also laugh and laugh and act SO dumb together. But let me tell you. If you don’t have a friend like her, you need one! :) One time when we were on the phone, I misheard her and I thought she said “I’m dancing so my mom can make a clock.” Whenever I stay at her house, it looks like she has a man on her sealing because of the plants. It’s scary! so we keep the computer lights on and try to keep our eyes shut.

Shelby is a couple of years older than me, but we still relate to each others experiences. We will talk for hours too. She’s one of the people that i hang out with at cheerleading and volleyball, but I’m soooo thankful for that. We have good memories too. But I don’t think I’ll talk about them on here :) Sicne most of them happened when we had just had coffee or were very tired….

If I need somebody to pray for me, I know to go to Katie. She’s the person who when I need the prayer, she stops right away and prays for me. She also knows what to say. I can be bawling and text her and she will reply and I will start crying harder. But tears of joy. I remember one time when we were talking about what we would do if our names were Gertrude…:) very interesting conversation but she had me laughing, that’s for sure. Or when we video chat. I don’t think that either of us can understand each other very well, but we smile, nod and pretend to the best that we can :)

Kayla and I can talk seriously, but we both love to joke around. :) We joke around about poice (how i accidently spelled police once, so we made poice into something totally different.), and we call each other “dear” and talk about what we are going to do when we actually get to meet some day. (some of the best conversations that i’ve had before :) )

Hailey is Kayla’s younger sister. (even though Hailey is closer to my age than Kayla is) and we have had a lot of fun memories too. Like talking about how lol looks like a drowning person. And how ok looks like a stick man. Her nickname for me is Fried Sydney, and mine for her is Lucy. :D and I promise there is a story behind that.

Hannah is one of my pen pals, that I might get to meet this summer. We can share a lot of experiences and both have our minds set on something bigger.

Emily is my best friend from school. We had a lot of fun with our egg drop and spagetti bridges :)

Brianna is Emily’s little sister but she is a ton of fun too, and definitely made to be a cheerleader.

Morgan, Paulina, and Emma are my new friends. I don’t have many memories with them yet, I don’t want to totally forget about them! :)

So this is what you get when you’re my friend. You’ll randomly find out that I posted something about you when I’m bored (I promise this is the first and maybe the last.)

So do you have any awesome memories with friends?!?! Comment if you do. :)


11 thoughts on “Memories…

      • Yeah that was REALLY funny…. When our class went to Mackinac, me and my friends all wanted to buy coffee (we were running on caffeine) and say stuff like: I want my coffee black as my soul/hot like my anger/small like my beady little eyes… and see what the waitress would say, but we never got up the courage to do it. Then one of my friends was trying to think of her own analogy and said…. Fluffly like the clouds of my soul. We could not stop laughing about it!

  1. I saw my name up there.. :O Yay!! I’m just glad you didn’t mention any of the stupid stuff I’ve probably said in our emails! :D Well, the only thing I can think of is the “kills people in his bath” thing. :)

    • I love my age! :) To me, it’s been the best year so far, because it’s my first year as a teenager, so I get sooo many more privilages, but I can also act like I’m young at times :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

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