A great author

Hey! Well I got four hours of sleep last, so sorry if this hardly makes any sense :)

Okay, but if you are looking for a new series to read, try anything by Lisa T. (Tawn) Bergen.

I’ve already read The River of Time series. The books are Waterfall, Cascade, and Torrent. There’s also a novella Bourne. Bergen has come out with a new book called Tributary. I haven’t read that one yet, but I will probably read it this week.

The series is about two girls who go back to medievel times. They have many great adventures! Once you get into it you won’t be able to stop reading. The genres are mild fantasy, action, and romance. It’s defininetly a must read series!

I’m also reading Breathe by Bergren. That one is about a consumptive and how she comes to healing, but there is a very surprising twist in it! (I’m still reading it, but I still suggest it.)

From seeing this author’s work I can almost guarentee that anything you pick up by her will be very good!!


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